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March 10, 2014, 8:29PM
March 10. 2014 version 2.8.7
- Navigation bar on the top
- Bug fixes, especially in gecko based browsers, eg. mozilla firefox browser
- New default wallpaper (clean theme)
- Updated navigation bar's search bar
- Updated topbar

February 27. 2014 version 2.8.6
- sub tree menu/path
- Small fixes in user profile page

February 26. 2014 version patch 1
- Updates in home
- Fixed some css

February 21. 2014 version
- Fixed maxlength of the client revision input field in add server page
- Added website url redirection warning page before entering out of the server-list.org
- Fix updates to yesterday's highlighted own server
- Banner is shown now in voting page
- Port numbers removed from online server page' list, and date format changed to cleaner
- Small updates to home page
- Added bidding percent progressbar

February 20. 2014 version 2.8.5
- Fixes in offline and online server list page.
- Own server is now highlighted by light yellow color in the
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