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#Webclient NameServer IP
 401.Uncalled Attack1,
 402.Uncalled Attack,
 403.unbelivablepkz, no-ip.biz
 404.Un-real Pkerzz,
 405.umpalompa, umpalompa.no-ip.org
 407.Ultra-Pkz, reborn-pkz.no-ip.org
 408.ultimatescape, 134-431-314-413
 409.ultimatepkers, ultimatepkerzz.no-ip.biz
 412.ujbh h h,
 413.uitheb, runefocus.sytes.net
 414.ufiififfouf, pkztomuch.no-ip.biz
 415.udui3uigb, yhDzIKtEgkmULcz
 416.udobsmat, oobczxPkHOmHQKuta
 418.uberlawls, 007.0.0
 421.tyscape, lawl.554
 422.TypicalX, reesespuffpkz.no-ip.biz
 423.tylers server, timmarusscapev3.no-ip.info
 424.tyhn f bdf,
 426.twinzpkscape, twinzpkscape.no-ip.biz
 429.TurmoilXScape, TurmoilXScape.org
 431.TurmoilV2Scape, TurmoilV2Scape.org
 432.Turmoilpkz, regicide.no-ip.info
 433.turmoil pk scape, turmoilpkz.no-ip.org
 434.turkyscape, 89 98 2445 275
 435.turkscape, 5555
 436.tumopkz, www.turmopkz.net
 438.ttteeesy, dsfs
 439.ttipwruu, 1
 443.trytr, trytry
 445.trying, 123
 447.trwpflmi, JNgQbQgNhESg

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