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Latest updates
February 9, 2014, 7:55PM
February 9. 2014 version
- Updated some css styles
- Website in server view page will not appear if it doesn't exists
- Security patches in user registration page
- Bug fixes in add/update server page

February 8. 2014 version
- Fixed server feature's css in view server page.
- Fixed login page
- Added hovering to sponsored server's tr css style
- Fixed mysql_real_escape_string in addserver page
- Updated offline server page to same version than online page uses.
- Fixed session bug so if user is logged in forum, it will kill current session in sspage too

February 7. 2014 version 2.8.4
- Replaced old basic bbcode editor with vBulletin's own bbcode editor
- Replaced old php parser with vBulletin's php parser.
- Fixed smilies path url loading
- Fixed login duplication, so if you are logged in forum, it won't break your current login session in server list page anymore.

February 6. 2014 version 2.8.4
- Updated default th
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