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Hello one and all,
At Genesis-X we mold our game into whatever journey you want to take. Want to skill? Perhaps don't feel like leveling up and want to spawn? Or instead, want to progress through an economy? Here we let you choose your journey. Hosted on a 3 GB VPS we don't want your adventure to be hindered by any lag. If you want to play a spawn server where the XP isn't fast then try a shot at cheater realm. But if you want something closer to current RuneScape I suggest you check out our 718 realm. A excellent economy with excellent combat - it has a plethora of features that will quench the thirst of any person who enjoys RuneScape. Furthermore, our 718 server is currently in beta as not much is changed from the base - and won't be taking any donations until our players are satisfied with the modifications and unique features we will add. At Genesis-X you can choose your journey: 317 spawn or 718 economy. And today it begins.

Webclient 718:
Webclient 317 (Cheaters)
Downloadable Client 718:
Downloadable Client 317:

There are a lot of RuneScape Private Servers now-a-days, so you may ask, "Why should I join yours?" Well your simple answer comes from the amazing features already implemented.

To start things off, our server caters to EVERY players needs. We have a Cheater Realm (spawn-economy with certain things un-spawnable for players who do not want to work for everything BUT the xp rate is not as fast so skillers and people who like RS will feel at home). But what about the people who don't like spawning items or the old graphics of RS? I have good news for you! We have now released our 718 Realm which will appeal to players of that audience. If you want an economy with a fast XP rate you should play the 718 realm! With features such as the zombie minigame, all skills working, nex, queen black dragon, and many others, you'll definitely have a great time!

What's currently working on and or added to to our 718 and 317!
- All skills working (718)
- Choose your difficulty and xprate (718)
- Nex boss w/ cutscenes (718)
- Queen Black Dragon (718)
- Zombie minigame (718)
- Custom Dungeoneering system (718)
- Boss Contracts (718)
- Enhanced PvP system: killstreaks, PvP points, PvP ladder (718)
- Skill points for skillers (718)
- Prestige points if you want to prestige (718)
- 63 Fight caves + clan wars + loyalty points + squeal of fortune (718)

317 features below
- Activity Point System (gained via Skills, Bosses, and Minigames). Also, these are used to get un-spawnable items in the server
- PK House
- Spirit Shields + Effects
- Dharoks Effects
- Dragon Claw special (4 hits), Special bar, bonuses, etc.
- resetmypos command
- All chaotics working
- Kill/Death Ratio
- Working Overloads
- Perfect item switching
- Perfected combat
- Login & Pk
- Windows, Mac & Linux compatible client
- Mage Following
- Range Following
- Clipped Projectiles
- Clipped Following
- Clipped Npcs
- Amazing Switching
- Full Gem Crafting
- Activity Point system + shop
- Pest Control
- Barrows
- Great Dagganoth Caves
- Cook's Assistant Quest + unique storylines
- Slayer Skill with Slayer Gem Working
- Ice Queen Lair
- Chaos Elemental
- King Black Dragon
- Tzhaar Cave
- All Skills Working with perfected XP rates
- Active Owners, and staff members
- Donor rewards
- Easy to use commands like ::item (Cheater Realm Only)

Below are pictures from our 718 and 317.

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