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Rainz blood
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21 February, 2014, 6:35PM



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I would enjoy typing everything out about us along with our countless features, but...
We feel that you wouldn't like reading massive amounts of information so im just going to cut to the point.
Feel free to pm me in-game if you need help or you have any questions or concerns -Rainz Blood

(Forums are still under development, but useable.)

Client Dl:
(cache should auto download, if it doesnt, PLEASE let me know.)

Webclient: Coming Soon!

Some info & Some features on the Server:

-Prestige system that aligns with difficulty system
When you prestige on a harder difficulty, you receive more prestige points

-Difficulty system with available difficulties of Easy, Normal, Medium, Hard, and Insane.
Weapons to go along with the difficulties:
Easy mode is a Dark Dagger
Normal mode is a Glowing Dagger
Medium mode is a Rapier
Hard mode is Reese's Sword
Insane mode is a Shadow Sword
ALL of them have very fast attack styles, the harder difficulty, the better weapon

-Custom home & shopping area
-Good shops with good items
-Staff List with online and offline status
-Funpk & teampk to have fun with you friends
-Decent economical server with many benefits
-Working money pouch
-Level Points with a Rewards store
-Around 40 loyalty titles to choose from
-Working Zombie minigame with a rewards shop
-Many bosses & training locations to choose from
-Info tab with the server rules, commands, latest updates, and the official staff list
-Ranks such as Super, Extreme, & regular Donator, Server Support and Trusted Player
-And much, much more benefits, join to find out!


Home area:

Shopping area:

Teleport options:

Some Customs:

Info tab:

Skilling zone:

Zombie Minigame:

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