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Join us here;

The time has come where Epicurus must rise from its grave and provide you, our beloved player base, an all round enjoyable and efficient server and community. With a dedicated staff team here to provide constant help and updates, you can rest assured that you will not regret joining us! Our server is simple; it focuses on all the great aspects of RuneScape without the tedious tasks that the real game makes you do.

Feel like taking on some deadly bosses for epic loot? Take a loot at the PvM side of the server. Want to fight other players to the death with pleasing rewards? Jump right into the active PvP our server offers. Simply want to show off your hard work and dedication to skilling? All skills are working perfectly!

Current Features:
  • Grand Exchange
  • Party Room for Drop Parties
  • Flawless Lottery
  • Flawless Dicing
  • Flawless Duel Arena & Staking
  • Flawless Shopping System
  • Flawless Banking & Searching
  • Perfect Farming System
  • PK Leader-boards
  • Rank Icon Changing System
  • Flawless Loyalty Titles
  • Flawless Donator System (To be implemented)
  • Perfect Curse System
  • Flawless Hybridding
  • Weapon Combination Staking
  • Boss Fights with Perfect Drops
  • Combat Stat Resets
  • Perfect Slayer System
  • Random PvP Rewards
  • Working Clue Scrolls & Rewards
  • Working Minigames & Rewards
  • Perfect Combat System & PvP weapons
  • Custom Capes (To be implemented)

??? PvM and Bossing ???




??? PvP and Clan Fights ???

Keep track of your vengeance!

Kill others for epic rewards!

Reset a stat to become a Pure!

Team up Clan VS Clan with working Clan Chats!

Show off your PvP skills with our Leaderboards!

Stake away and make a Fortune!

??? Skilling and Hard Work ???

Max out with every working skill!

Select your training spot!

??? Other Important Information ???

Keep your account secure!

Change your username!

Complete clue scrolls!

Gamble with the risk of winning big!

Try your luck with the weekly lottery!

Show off your support by voting!

Play minigames with others for new gear!

Pest control rewards for example![/color]

Sell your items easily with the working GE!


Extra Features:
Active Teamspeak3 Server

Decipher is an Economy server:

This basically means there's no spawning and any items people obtain will have been earned through PVM or from PKing. This means our items will have value, making everything more fun, giving players something to aim for and of course making it so much better when you finally get that kill for rare items. There are tons of different ways to exchange your items including specific market areas, clan chats, and even a dedicated section on forums. Being a new server we want to get our economy right the first time. To ensure we achieve this we have made drop rates at a perfect level to maintain item drops for PvMers, but also to give just enough that we're not flooded with items and massive inflation like you see on most other private servers.

What Decipher is about:

Decipher community is like no other! As soon as you join you will notice our active wilderness, active forums, and active PvMing and Clanning communities. Here at Decipher RSPS, we donít like to mess around, we want to bring you the players the best possible experience that we can give you.

Our community gives a warm welcome to all new players, and presents them with many opportunity to get involded with activities and get to know existing members. We have many events and tournaments in and out of the wilderness that makes this possible. These can be anything from Clan based PKing, to a simple games of Hide and Seek.

The Decipher Staff Team:

All of Decipher staff are hand-picked based off applications anyone is free to submit. These application then get voted on by our staff team and those few that provide the best application will get a chance to prove them selves by starting as a Server Support member. Not only do we make sure we have staff from EVERY different time zone. We make sure we have the nicest most helpful staff available for you. Many of our staff all have previous experience from other major private Server, mainly Near Reality, which means you get professional support and help when every you may need it.

Decipher Development & Progress:

The development team here at Decipher knows quality updates have to come from what the community wants. Once youíve become a part of the spectacular Decipher community, youíll notice weekly updates, with content polls that you can vote on to bring what you want and enjoy into the game. Alternatively you can put your ideas forward as suggestions on our forums and have your voice heard and see your ideas implemented if fellow players support you.

Welcome, to the server
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