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Atomicity is a server hosted on a dedicated owned by Kane and Ethan where we try to provide you with as much content as possible. All content (not the entire server, just content) was coded from scratch by the Atomicity Development Team, and has been worked on for over a year and a half. This server can be played on Mac or Windows, and was coded on a Mac. We are still developing the game, and always will be. We promise to frequently provide updates and listen to the suggestions of our players.

Please note that we aim to have a friendly, as well as helpful, staff team. Always feel free to talk to a staff member for help, or just to chat. We try to pick the best qualities for a staff member, whether it be a player mod or an admin. Do not ask us for any of these positions. We don't care if you've given new players 10k cash to get started every day, or if you report players regularly. We can see that stuff on our own without you bringing it up to us and asking for a staff position.

Some content that Atomicity provides:
Note: This does not list everything. For every tiny detail ever updated, click here for an entire update log since we first started developing the game.

For all the specifics of the game, click here and look at our advertisement topic full of pictures, details, and more!

Thank you for taking the time to look at our content! Please leave us some feedback, and please come try out our server! We're excited to start meeting new players.

- Kane and Ethan, founders of Atomicity

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