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4.1 updates
#May 6, 2017, 7:36PM Posted by: Jjuzou
4.1 05052017

- New dark theme (default now)
- Menu converted to topbar menu

Ps, If you are interested to buy vbulletin license, feel free to pm me in forum
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Latest updates
#February 21, 2016, 11:57AM Posted by: Jjuzou
|February 26. 2015 4.0|

- Now if user adds a server to the status page, it will be automatically posted in this section. Advertising section by Advertiser
Also if you update the server's details, its details will be updated in forum too
- 'Discuss about this server' link added to server view page
|February 25. 2015 4.0|
- If directory exists, creating status page will fail in createstatuspage

|February 22. 2015 4.0|
- Fixed page ordering bug (online/offline listpage)
- menu's text is uppercase
- Padding removed from the menu

Updates, new users are now reguired to activate their email upon registration.
Also we have downgraded forum software (vbulletin) from 4 to 3.
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Css style updates [v4]
#February 20, 2016, 4:48PM Posted by: Jjuzou
Hello everyone, I have been really busy in really life, so I have not been able to update this site regularly. Anyway, in my opinion, this website needed some updates to its default theme aka clean. I decided to update meny styles completely, and background. The process is still going on and the final look of the theme will be announced here or on the forums.
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